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Nine Betts Lane

Inherited Fear

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I felt compelled to write the story of the haunted house where I was born and lived with my parents and brother. The house belonged to our Grandparents Florence and Fred. As a child I was very lucky that both my parents and grandmother told me a lot about the family history and when I decided to write Nine Betts Lane and the sequel Inherited Fear memories came flooding back to me of conversations from long ago. Both books are works of faction detailing true events and characters spanning a hundred years from the year 1900-2000.

My mother was born in Ireland and came to England to work as a cook when she was 15 years old. Soon after arriving she met my father and they fell in love. This love was to last for 67 years. They both died aged 82 years only 6 weeks apart in 1991.

One evening I answered the phone to an American voice saying “Hi I’m your second cousin Danny Horgan nephew of Billy Horgan who was murdered by the Black & Tans. My mother was his sister and your mother his cousin.” I was so pleased to have received that phone call and Danny has been in touch ever since by phone and e mail. I’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting him face to face.

Another surprise phone call brought me in touch with Janet Hart who had just read Nine Betts Lane and asked me if it was true that my granddad was given a dog by the Americans named Skip. I said that it was and she went on to explain that her mother Ena Butler had lost a dog called Skip just as the Americans were setting off for the D-Day Landings. Skip used to keep escaping and the Americans always brought him back but this particular day they did not and Ena wondered if they took him to Normandy with them. We all thought it was too much of a coincidence that my granddad was given Skip to take care of not to be the same Skip, and I was able to reassure her that he was not killed on a far away Battle Field in France but had a good home with our family. 

After my grandmother’s death my parents inherited the haunted house and the hauntings were getting worse. Eventually we had to call in a medium Grace Murdoch together with another medium Mike Smith to exorcise the house. Grace was a lovely lady and remained my friend and mentor till her death at the age of 94. She was a wonderful medium, clairvoyant and healer and would not accept any money for her work, saying it was a gift from God and if she took money she would lose her wonderful gift.

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